Montefiore Buprenorphine Treatment Network

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Interested in learning more about an effective and safe medical option to treat addiction to opioid painkillers and heroin? We can help.

You can be an opioid addiction survivor. The first step is getting the care and information needed to break the negative cycle of opioid addiction.

Thankfully, effective medical options like buprenorphine can make this easier.

The Help You Need for Opioid Addiction

What is buprenorphine? It's one of several prescription medications used to treat the disease of opioid addiction. But unlike some treatments, such as methadone, that must take place in a structured clinical environment, buprenorphine treatment can take place right in your primary care doctor's office. This ease of access can help with your overall success.

Ready to See If Buprenorphine Is Right for You?

Federal laws require that buprenorphine can only be prescribed by a specially trained provider.

Our Montefiore Medical Group (MMG) providers are trained to provide buprenorphine treatment. They also have a deep commitment to providing support and guidance through the process of treating addiction.

At MMG, we have been helping people with their addiction to heroin and other opioid painkillers since 2005. Buprenorphine has been a major part of our program. It has been highly successful.

Buprenorphine is available at any one of the convenient Montefiore Medical Group locations:

Learn more about buprenorphine treatment.

To learn more about buprenorphine treatment, call us at 718-405-8227 or email to get answers to your questions or schedule a confidential intake visit.