Montefiore Health Opportunities Program
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Montefiore Health Opportunities Program

The Montefiore Health Opportunities Program (Monte HOP) is a summer enrichment program for students interested in health careers who come from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. The program is also open to individuals typically considered underrepresented in the health care industry.
Created in 2002, Monte HOP has graduated over 180 students with the goal to promote, educate and encourage these youth to pursue careers in health. Monte HOP is one of a number of student programs  teaching students about the healthcare industry and is also a partner program within the Bronx Science and Health Opportunities Partnership (BxSHOP) .

Students accepted into the Monte HOP program gain valuable knowledge and professional skills through:

  • Participate in interactive-health related workshops
  • Visit health-related organizations throughout New York City
  • Observe patient-health care professional interactions and gain knowledge about the medical interview
  • Develop and refine professional skills to pursue a career in a health-related field (resume development, interviewing skills, written health paper, project presentation

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