Community - In It Together Fund - Donations - Bronx, New York City - Montefiore Medical Center

The In It Together Fund is made possible by the generous support of many corporate, non-profit and individual donors, including:

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation's Pink Pony Fund
  • Manhasset Women's Breast Cancer Alliance
  • Hyde Yoga
  • The Chrysopolae Foundation
  • Ms. Dee Dee Ricks
  • Mr. Gerald Christopher, Good To Go Restaurant

How You Can Help

Donations to the It Together Fund will assist with the cost of therapy not covered by insurance, vouchers for transportation to and from appointments, meals, goods and services designed to make our patients feel beautiful and whole again.

In It Together Fund

Those who donate help the less fortunate recovering from breast cancer surgery and receive a tax deduction. The patient with breast cancer who receives assistance after reconstruction knows that there are others who care about her recovery. By accepting assistance she pledges to become an ongoing member of In It Together, so that when she is healthy again she can help other women going through similar circumstances. That help can be simply sharing what she now knows about breast cancer and reconstructive surgery with other women in similar circumstances.

It is our mission to join those of better financial means with those who are less fortunate; it is our wish to be there for every woman. Because we are all in this together.