Research Electives

A wealth of information in the understanding of brain and behavior is unfolding daily. Montefiore is strongly committed to cultivating research aptitude in our trainees. Interested residents are encouraged to participate in research activities at either our Moses or Weiler Campuses. Working within the ACGME requisites, residents will be able to engage in research elective activities as early as the PGY 2 year and sustain involvement throughout training.

There are several research opportunities throughout Montefiore and Einstein, a few of which are highlighted below:

  • Residents at our Moses campus can conduct research in a variety of psychiatric disorders, ranging from autism to mood disorders. A sampling of ongoing studies includes the use of intranasal oxytocin for compulsive hyperphagia in Prader-Willi syndrome, a pancreatic enzyme treatment for core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, a vasopressin 1a antagonist to treat social deficits in high-functioning Autism and cannabidiol to treat  core symptoms of Autism.
  • The Anxiety and Depression Program is developing and evaluating a number of new treatments for these disorders as well as understand their biological underpinnings. Novel agents for treatment of resistant depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are currently being studied.  Residents are encouraged to participate in all phases of research, including presenting and publishing study results. 
  • Other research activities in which residents may also elect to become involved include, but are not limited to: clinical research exploring parasuicidal behavior in adolescents, effects of trauma in the chronically mentally ill, and PTSD, translational research in memory and aging and basic science research.

Elective rotations are individualized to meet the resident’s scientific and clinical interests. 


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