Weiler - First Year

This is a PGY-4 or a PGY-6 rotation providing residents with a three-month plastic surgery experience at the Weiler campus. 

The goal of this rotation is:

  • To participate in plastic surgery cases that are more typical of a community hospital, while also participating in cutting-edge microsurgical breast reconstruction, and exposure to a busy neonatal intensive care unit providing acute soft tissue injuries as well as congenital malformations.
  • To have junior level operative experience in plastic surgery cases.
  • Ability to be in charge of plastic surgery patients.
  • To  be exposed to a wide variety of opinions on operative cases in plastic surgery.

At the conclusion of the rotation, the resident should have knowledge of:

  1. Congenital defects of the head and neck, including clefts of the lip and palate, and craniofacial surgery.
  2. Neoplasms of the head and neck, including the oropharynx, and the importance of endoscopy in the management of these cases.
  3. Aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery of the head and neck, trunk, and extremities.
  4. Plastic surgery of the breast.
  5. Surgery of the hand/upper extremities.
  6. Plastic surgery of the lower extremities.
  7. Plastic surgery of congenital and acquired defects of the trunk and genitalia.
  8. Microsurgical techniques applicable to plastic surgery.
  9. Reconstruction by tissue transfer, including flaps and grafts.
  10. Surgery of benign and malignant lesions of the skin and soft tissues.