Didactics and Education

Weekly Grand Rounds

All residents on the Plastic Surgery Service are required to attend the Friday morning Plastic Surgery Teaching Conferences.  Full-time and voluntary attendings, and outside speakers, are invited to lecture on topics covering the basic core curriculum in plastic surgery. Residents are also required to give lectures with core faculty mentors on topics of interest.

  • Journal Club: Journal Club is held monthly from September to June. Selected articles from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal are assigned to the residents and critical discussions are held.
  • Quality Assurance: The QA conferences are held on a monthly basis to evaluate performance and outcomes.
  • Indications: Indications are held on a weekly basis to review upcoming surgical cases.
  • Visiting Professor Series: The Division of Plastic Surgery actively invites distinguished surgeons to give lectures.  During their visits, each Visiting Professor has a chance to interact with the residents.  Where possible, workshops, such as cadaver workshops, are part of the agenda to further gain insight into the Visiting Professor’s area of expertise.
  • Masters of Surgery: Visiting Professor Series: Between September to May, the Department of Surgery sponsors a monthly Visiting Professor of distinguished renown.


Immediately following the weekly Grand Rounds, dedicated time is allocated for the residents to review the PSEN core curriculum topics and led by a faculty member.

Plastic Surgery Society Meetings

All residents are encouraged to attend any locally held plastic surgery meetings or meetings sponsored by other sub-specialties applicable to plastic surgery in the tri-state area.

Chief residents are sent to one plastic surgery meeting during their sixth year.  Residents who have papers accepted to national meetings are given financial support and time away from the service to present.