Orthopedics - First Year

This is a PGY-4 or a PGY-6 rotation providing residents with a one-month orthopaedic experience. 

The goal of this rotation is:

  • To understand fracture management.
  • To understand basic open techniques.
  • To gain basic knowledge of OT/PT role in management.

At the conclusion of this rotation, residents should:

  1. Understand basic fracture management including closed reduction techniques.
  2. Be familiar with open reduction internal fixation with plating through operative exposure to the procedure.
  3. Be familiar with the management of upper extremity problems in outpatient and inpatient settings including splinting and casting techniques.
  4. Understand techniques of fracture management so they may apply the principles to surgery performed by plastic surgeons.
  5. Understand another service’s approach to treatment of extremity trauma.