Anesthesiology - First Year

This is a PGY-4 or a PGY-6 rotation intended to give all residents a one-month OR anesthesia experience.

The goal of the rotation is:

  • To be able to write pre-anesthetic orders
  • To position the patient properly for operative exposures, temperature control, and protection from pressure/traction/shear
  • To obtain oropharyngeal control of the airway and provide Ambu ventilation
  • To understand and use conscious sedation
  • To be familiar with intra-operative monitoring
  • To be able to interpret the anesthesia record

At the conclusion of the rotation, residents should be able to:

  1. Understand general anesthesia including theories of anesthetic effect and the different types of inhalation and intravenous anesthetic drugs.
  2. Understand appropriate drug use and monitoring for conscious sedation.
  3. Understand comprehensive airway management, including use of oral and nasal airways, mask ventilation, and methods of endotrachial intubation.
  4. To be familiar with general intraoperative care in anesthesia including devices customarily used in the operating room for monitoring hemodynamic status, cardiac rhythm, gas exchange and the anesthetic delivery system.
  5. Know in detail post-operative pain management, including current theories regarding the anatomical and physical basis of pain perception, available drugs for relief of pain and anxiety and special options for drug delivery, such as patient controlled IV analgesia, intrathecal or epidural narcotics or continuous anesthetic block.