When it comes to neurological conditions —from Alzheimer's disease and autism to headache, epilepsy and sleep-wake disorder the Neurology Department at Montefiore is a pioneer in the field.  We offer state-of-the-art subspecialty care coupled with cutting-edge clinical trials and innovative disease-oriented research so that we treat all varieties of neurological diseases affecting pediatric, adult and older patients in an integrative and comprehensive way.

Please contact our specialists at the numbers below.

Headache 718-405-8360
Autism 914-375-4880
Rett Disorder 718-920-4378
Sleep/Wake Disorder 718-920-4841
Adult Epilepsy 718-920-4378
Pediatric Epilepsy  718-920-4378
Intraoperative Program  
Neurooncology 718-920-5505
Stroke 718-920-6444
Neuromuscular Disorders    
Movement Disorder Program 718-405-8140
Neuropsychology Program 718-944-1927
Neurorehabilitation 718-920-6402
Neurological Associates 718-920-4178
Pediatric Neurology  718-920-4378