Established in 1961, The Department of Neurology at Montefiore Medical Center is one of the largest and most innovative worldwide. Our mission is to combat each type of neurological disease through state-of-the-art treatments and therapies, technological advancements, and groundbreaking research, and our accomplished team of neurologists, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, rehabilitation physicians, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, nurse aids, biomedical scientists, basic science, translational research and clinical trials investigators, residents, and fellows works tirelessly towards this goal everyday.

It is estimated that one in five Americans suffer from a neurological disease, but we believe this statistic can improve dramatically, not with pharmacological agents alone, but rather with early diagnosis and a smooth transition throughout each critical period of life. Unlike other facilities, our Department of Neurology distinguishes itself through the belief in the continuity of the lifespan, meaning the tracking and treating of any and all neurological diseases should be a seamless process from birth through the final era of life.

Many patients lose the connectivity of care between pediatric, adult, and geriatric life stages. For example, numerous adults with borderline cases of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Autism are not diagnosed early on or occasionally are diagnosed and lose the follow-up treatment and translation required as they develop through adulthood. Brain function - and dysfunction - changes rapidly during development, but we are one of the few destinations that can treat patients each step of the way with the most advanced diagnostics and therapeutic modalities. That is why people from all over the globe, as well as from the New York metropolitan area, come to us for accurate diagnosis and individually tailored treatments and therapeutics.

Montefiore Einstein Neurology 2023 Highlights

Our 2023 Highlights document the remarkable innovations in research, treatment and care we made this year.









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A Rich History of Innovation

With nearly 50 years of experience at Montefiore Medical Center, our Department of Neurology has carved many 'firsts' into the history of this medical field. Some of our most noteworthy milestones include:

  • The Sleep Wake Disorders Center was the first dedicated center in the world to be accredited by the American Sleep Disorders Association. Here sleep abnormalities ranging from sleepwalking to sleep deprivation, narcolepsy and numerous others are diagnosed and treated to fend off the ravages of a spectrum of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's by promoting longevity with the proper therapeutics.
  • The Headache Center, which is more than half a century old, was the first facility of its kind not only in the country, but also worldwide.
  • The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinical Care and Research Center was also the first of its kind in the world and has served as a model for many others that have followed.
  • The Aging and Dementia Program, another first of its kind worldwide, is devoted to the best possible integrated patient care for those experiencing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and laid the international foundation for all studies pertaining to the aging brain in health and disease.
  • The Neuromuscular Disorder Center was one of the first clinics to treat a series of neuromuscular diseases ranging from early childhood through late adult life.
  • The Epilepsy In-Patient Monitoring Unit is one of six specially designated centers in the state of New York. This world-class facility distinguishes itself among others, as it is proficient at treating infants, children, and adults within one unified program. Whether a patient had seizures as a child or began them as an adult, our monitoring unit will provide a diagnosis of the specific type of epilepsy and an integrated treatment strategy that no other facility can offer.

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