Infectious Diseases – Services and Treatments – New York City – Montefiore Medical Center

Each year, the award-winning physicians within the Division of Infectious Diseases at Montefiore Medical Center treat approximately 4,000 patients in our inpatient and outpatient units.

With more than 1,000 inpatient beds and more than 70 board-certified physicians and non-physician scientists, representing a broad spectrum of specialty and subspecialty areas, Montefiore can treat virtually any form of infectious disease. The Division also handles follow-up care for infections that require hospitalization, including severe pneumonia and other respiratory infections.

While much of our diagnostic testing is conducted internally in collaboration with the Department of Pathology, the Division of Infectious Diseases also benefits from quick access to Montefiore's Department of Radiology and their most advanced imaging and diagnostic technology.

Test results are processed in-house with results rapidly transmitted to the attending physician and appropriate medical personnel, a process which benefits both patient and physician. Our specialists can review pathologic slides, microbiologic specimens and other diagnostic tests. This process also enables our staff to draw from a broader range of expert knowledge and experience, which translates to faster decisions on crucial matters.