Research and Clinical Trials

Strides in Research

Part of the mission of the Division of Infectious Diseases is to pursue and advance improved treatment options and prevention of infectious diseases through extensive studies and investigative work.

Clinical research is a major component of the department's healthcare objectives and is crucial to its commitment to achieving excellence in patient care. Many of our clinical and laboratory projects are collaborative efforts with other divisions and specialty areas at Montefiore Medical Center, with the goal of maximizing our academic and scientific resources.

Our research and clinical trials are centered on gaining greater understanding and knowledge of healthcare challenges that plague humanity and the development of cutting edge treatments and strategies for certain diseases.

Our physicians have substantively contributed to thousands of medical publications and textbooks. Many of our researchers are recipients of grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which foster greater understanding of complex concepts such as antimicrobial drug mechanisms and microbial pathogenesis for diseases. This includes HPV, HIV, various fungal diseases and tuberculosis.

We also have one of the largest teams of researchers and specialists conducting translational, laboratory and clinical research. Areas of interest, include the following:

  • Complications of HIV infection, resistance to treatment and long-term side effects

  • Development of non-antibiotic treatments of infectious diseases

  • Development of rapid diagnostic tests for tuberculosis

  • Development of antibodies against staphylococcal infections

  • Epidemiology of HPV (transmission and risk factors)

  • Mechanisms of fungal infections

  • Mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics