Community Developement - Montefiore - Bronx, New York City

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As the largest employer in the Bronx, Montefiore contributes significantly to the economic stability of the community. In fact, thousands of our own associates live in the Bronx, compelling us to take part in ensuring the development of the community.

We have promoted the safety and vitality of local neighborhoods for nearly 30 years through the establishment of the Mosholu Preservation Corporation (MPC). Prior to MPC’s establishment, widespread housing abandonment and deterioration had resulted due to aging residents’ inability to afford rising maintenance costs.

Today, well-kept streets, attractive buildings and busy shops are the result of this dedicated and successful effort. An award-winning newspaper, the Norwood News, was established by MPC as an honest, reliable outlet for neighborhood communications and community action.

In addition, the Jerome-Gun Hill Business Improvement District is managed by the MPC and provides support to more than 200 local businesses, promoting tourism, safety and economic stability.

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