The Montefiore Advanced Reconstructive Care (ARC) Program

The Montefiore Advanced Reconstructive Care (ARC) Program is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, coordinated care to patients with significant reconstructive surgical needs as a result of cancer, trauma, congenital disease, or prior surgery. Due to the extent and complexity of the medical conditions, ARC patients often require multiple-staged surgeries over several months or years. Patients also have often experienced loss of function that compromises their ability to perform routine daily activities such as eating, speaking and walking.

In order to effectively address these complex issues, the ARC program is comprised of the following medical specialists:

• Craniofacial surgeons 
• Plastic surgeons
• Neurosurgeons
• Orthopaedic surgeons
• Vascular surgeons
• Head and neck surgeons
• Eye surgeons
• Gynecologists
• Interventional radiologists
• Oncologists: adult and pediatric
• Radiation oncologists
• Urologists

The ARC support staff assist patients with the coordination of care including:

• The stream-lined scheduling of appointments and medical referrals
• Services such as advanced physical and occupational therapy and social work
• Travel and lodging accommodations
• Close contact with referring doctors

With a surgical focus on craniofacial disorders, head and neck cancer, sarcoma and limb reconstruction as well as trunk and urogenital reconstruction, the ARC program seeks to become a national leader for patients with the most difficult-to-treat reconstructive, oncological, and post-traumatic challenges.

On behalf of the entire Montefiore community, thank you for your thoughtful contribution and timely consideration.