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Double your gift to Montefiore: The Montefiore Matching Gifts Program

Did you know that your contribution to Montefiore Medical Center can be doubled (and in some cases TRIPLED!) through your employer’s matching gift program? Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

This is an easy way to immediately increase your support of Montefiore’s healthcare programs and initiatives.

Please note that your employer’s match will be applied to support the same designated area or program as your gift.

Follow these simple steps to see if your gift qualifies for a corporate match:

       1) Find out if your or your spouse’s company will match your gift using our online database below.*

       2) Print out a form, fill it out and mail it to Montefiore along with your gift - or apply online.** 

       3) Montefiore will verify receipt of your gift and complete the process. 

       4) Your employer will send an additional gift to Montefiore on your behalf! That’s all there is to it!

*If your employer is not listed in our online directory, please check with your benefits manager and request a matching gift form. Even companies that do not have formal programs will often match your gift if asked.

** Many companies will match gifts made at any time during the calendar year. If you have already made a gift to Montefiore Medical Center, check with your employer to see if it qualifies for a match.

Questions? Please contact Nadine Vatau-Xhaxho at (718) 920-4589 or


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