Experts for Media - Anesthesiology

Naum Shaparin, MD

Director of Pain Service, Montefiore Medical Center

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Assistant Professor of Family and Social Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Shaparin and his team create individualized treatment plans for patients with all types of chronic pain. Dr. Shaparin’s research interests include non-opioid therapies for chronic non-malignant pain, the role of regional anesthesia in arteriovenous fistula creation, coccydynia (tail bone pain), neuropathic pain in scar tissue after surgical incisions, neuropathic pain related to cancer (in particular chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuralgia/neuropathy), neuropathic pain related to HIV/AIDS or HIV/AIDS medications, vulvodynia/perineal pain, post-thoracotomy pain, neck/back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, radiofrequency ablation, and neuromodulation. Dr. Shaparin has presented over 20 abstracts at local, national and international conferences.

Areas of Expertise

  • Non-opioid Chronic Pain Therapies

Selected Media Coverage

ABC Local, Life Script, iVilliage