Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program

The Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program is part of the multidisciplinary Sleep-Wake Disorders Center, which is staffed by sleep specialists certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. When indicated, we coordinate care with referring treatment providers and other Sleep-Wake Disorders specialists so as to give our patients the most comprehensive care possible.

Our program provides non-drug, evidence-based interventions to treat patients who have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping within a schedule they would prefer. Exciting research over the past twenty years has shown that non-drug treatments for insomnia can improve sleep quality and quantity in people of all ages.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disturbances associated with:

  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty tolerating CPAP treatment for sleep apnea
  • Recurrent nightmares
  • Shift Work
  • Circadian Rhythm Disorders

For more information, please call 718-920-4841 and ask about the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program.