Research Program to Study HPV Prevention

There are over 14 million documented new human papillomavirus (HPV) infections in the United States every year—almost half of which are in people ages 18-24. There are likely many more people that have infection and do not know it. 

Nearly all sexually active adults will have an HPV infection at some point during their lives, although most will never have any symptoms or clinical abnormalities related to that infection. People who have many sexual partners or who have a sexual partner who has had many other partners have a higher risk for HPV infection. People who begin having sex at a younger age are also at greater risk. 

A Clinical Trial Focusing on the Study of HPV Prevention

This website outlines information about this clinical research opportunity conducted by doctors and other medical and research professionals at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The trial is for women aged 19-35 to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of carrageenans—a group of related compounds found naturally in red seaweed—and their role in preventing HPV.

While vaccination and barrier protection, such as condoms, help prevent HPV, carrageenan-containing lubricants are being studied as an additional protective agent.

Please explore the pages of this site to learn more and see if you meet the initial criteria for this study. Women who participate will be reimbursed for participation and visits up to $400.

Interested in more information or interested in participating? Call 1-646-574-2369 or email