Educational Research
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Educational Research

GeriEd Program: Physician Education and Training in Geriatrics

Laurie G. Jacobs, MD
Joe Verghese, MB, ChB
Supported by a grant from the D.W. Reynolds Foundation (2006-10).
The Einstein GeriEd Program is an education and training program to improve primary care physician's skills and knowledge of geriatric medicine, with a special focus on older adults with complex medical and neurologic disease such as dementia, falls, delirium. The learners include internists, family physicians, hospitalists, and emergency medicine physicians, as well as residents and medical students.

Geriatric Ethics Curriculum for Hospital-Based Care Providers

Hannah I. Lipman, MD, MS
Geriatric Academic Career Award (2007-10), Bureau of Health Professions.
Development of a curriculum and educational program for providers of inpatient cardiac care, including cardiologists, cardiology fellows, internal medicine housestaff, physician assistants, and nurses.

Elder Abuse Education and Training Program

Laurie Jacobs, MD
Karin Ouchida, MD
Debra Greenberg, MSW PhD
Kim Freeman MPH
Alessandra Scalmati, MD
Supported by a grant from UJA Federation of NY Caring Commission (2007-10)
This project aims to improve identification and evaluation of victims of elder abuse and neglect. Targeted learners include medical students, residents and attendings. Workshops will utilize simulated patient activities to enhance communication and documentation skills.

Transitions of Care for Older Adults

Karin E. Ouchida, MD
Supported by a Geriatric Academic Career Award (2007-10), Bureau of Health Professions
This training program for students, residents and fellows in geriatrics aims to improve awareness of the risk of adverse events during transitions of care. Through didactic workshops and home visits, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to effect safe transitions. Emphasis is placed on understanding the roles of the interdisciplinary team and medication reconciliation.

Falls in Older Adults in the Nursing Home and Hospital

Shikta Gupta, MD
Supported by a Geriatric Academic Career Award (2007-10), Bureau of Health Professions
This educational and quality improvement program for nurses, students, residents and fellows aims to reduce falls in older adults

Medication Management for Older Adults

Claudene George, MD
Supported by a Geriatric Academic Career Award (2007-10), Bureau of Health Professions.
Clinical health services research and training aimed at quality improvement in medication management for older adults.