Program Summary

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program
Montefiore Medical Center (Wakefield Campus)

Montefiore Medical Center Wakefield Campus, a university hospital of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, offers a well-balanced fellowship program in geriatric medicine. The strengths of the program are in the provisions to trainees, and several strategies to improve the skills of the trainee for a career as an academician in the teaching setting or a practice in the hospital, ambulatory clinic or long-term care settings.

The program provides a wealth of patient material ranging from the healthy old to the frail elderly, with an age range from 60 years to over 100 years. The diverse teaching methods used by several well-qualified different attendees add variety and the opportunity to develop clinical skills and knowledge. The morning conferences throughout the year and the geriatric medicine board review in the last three months of training help begin the day, and have been consistently appreciated by all trainees in the program. Supervision of trainees by attendees takes place in person daily, including weekends and is yet another strength. Opportunities are provided for research and publications, specifically including an understanding of performance improvement. Exposure to rich clinical material in acute, ambulatory and long-term care settings occurs within the context of continuity of care for geriatric patients within a solid physician faculty framework.

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the program is its emphasis on teaching at multiple levels, through conferences, case discussions and bedside rounds. Upon completion of training, fellows from this program have done remarkably well in diverse settings in the United States. Following training, our fellows develop as well-trained, competent, academic or clinical geriatricians.

For those who desire, a Visitor Pass can be arranged for potential future fellowship candidates to review the program and experience the activities in person. The pass helps the candidate spend several hours in the program on a given week day, with the understanding that the visitor pass is obtained ahead of time and the experience planned in advance.