Support Services

The Comprehensive Liver Program at Montefiore Medical Center uses an integrated delivery system model of care, which means a team of experts and specialists across a number of fields evaluates patients and meets their individual needs. Support services that we provide our liver disease patients include:


The liver plays a crucial role in digestion, so a healthy diet is vital for maintaining liver health following diagnosis of liver disease. Dietary changes such as reducing portion sizes and limiting salt intake can help in managing liver disease. Our expert nutritionists and registered dietitians work with patients to carefully plan a diet that is right for them and their illness.

Family Medicine

Patients needing treatment for liver disease will also have access to outstanding primary care from Montefiore's Department of Family Medicine. Our physicians focus on treating the whole person—the best approach for helping patients with liver problems to stay as healthy as possible.

Psychiatric and Social Services

Many forms of liver disease are chronic illnesses that can be both physically and mentally draining. We offer psychiatric consultation services 24/7 to any patient who needs it. In addition, social workers in our Department of Social Services are trained to assess the needs of all patients—children as well as adults--and their families as well. We even offer financial counselors available who can discuss concerns about paying for treatments or changes in insurance status.

Lifetime Support for Transplant Patients

Our liver transplant patients can receive care for life following their transplant. This care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of medical and surgical specialists, nurse coordinators and psychosocial professionals.