New York has one of the highest rates of liver disease in the country, with more than 1,800 patients on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Many complex diseases can affect the liver, and treatment can be challenging for patients. To help them, the Comprehensive Liver Program at Montefiore Medical Center has compiled a resource brochure.

Our Liver Disease and Transplant Program Brochure offers patients basic information on liver disease, how common it is in the United States and describes Montefiore's approach in treating it. The brochure also describes the liver transplantation procedure, the waiting list process and recent developments in the field of liver stem cell research.

Support Services

The Comprehensive Liver Program at Montefiore Medical Center uses an integrated delivery system model of care, which means a team of experts and specialists across a number of fields evaluates patients and meets their individual needs. Learn more about support services.

Follow-Up Care

Taking proper precautions and following instructions from Montefiore Medical Center's physicians after any type of liver treatment is essential for avoiding further injury and maintaining health. Learn more about follow-up care.

To download a PDF version of the brochure, click here.

Click here for information and support from the American Liver Foundation.