Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How many residents do you have?
A: There are 10 categorical residents per class. The intern class has additional designated preliminary residents (2 Montefiore urology residents, 1 integrated vascular resident), plus additional designated and non-designated preliminary residents. This ultimately results in an intern class of approximately 30 residents.

Q: Where do residents live?
A: The residents are fairly split between the Bronx and Manhattan (mainly the upper east side). The subsidized housing in the Bronx is located one block away from the Moses campus.

Q: Do residents need a car?
A: Most of our residents would say yes, though a few residents only use a bike. Traveling within the Bronx can be challenging using public transportation, especially early in the morning. If traveling from Manhattan, the 4 train stops down the street from the Moses Campus, the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Einstein (CHAM) and North Central Bronx Hospital; however, Weiler Campus and Jacobi Medical Center are not as easily accessible (though there are buses). 

Q: How close are each of the hospitals/campuses to each other?
A: Each of the campuses are within a few miles of each other. The furthest distance is between the Montefiore Wakefield Campus and Jacobi Medical Center, which is 4.6 miles apart.

Q: What is parking like for those living in Manhattan?
A: In the evenings, most residents park their cars on the street in Manhattan. Another option while rotating at Montefiore is to leave your car at Montefiore so that you can use it while on call, but you can take public transportation to and from work every day. Other residents choose to pay for a parking spot.

Q: Are you provided parking at work?
A: Parking is $60/month at Montefiore affiliated hospitals, for Jacobi Medical Center you may opt to pay $30 a month for their lot, though most residents park in the residential area. If living in the subsidized housing, there is an attached garage for $60 that also covers your hospital parking.

Q: What is there to do in the Bronx?
A: Some of the amenities the Bronx has to offer include the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Gardens, and Arthur Avenue, which is an Italian neighborhood well-known for its authentic food. Van Cortlandt Park, located just north of Montefiore, has beautiful running and biking trails, tennis courts and a golf course. Spread throughout are various bars, restaurants and shopping centers. 

Q: What is the call schedule like?
A: The interns are on call every 4 days (for 4 months of the year) and the remaining having a night float system. The remaining years are all managed by a night float system.