At the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Montefiore Medical Center, we take a unique treatment approach to sinusitis, in order to help our patients achieve optimum health. While many patients, and even some health care professionals, assume that sinusitis is an infection that is simply treated with antibiotics, we are dedicated to identifying the underlying causes in order to achieve a complete, long-ranging recovery.

Unique Diagnosis and Care Management Approach

Sinusitis treatment is often poorly managed. Misdiagnosis and mistreatment of symptoms, rather than the actual condition, can lead to ongoing and unnecessary discomfort in sinusitis patients. To help our patients feel their best, we use a thorough, multi-step approach that considers all of the possible causes of their condition.

We recognize that, for the vast majority of patients, sinusitis is an inflammatory problem that occurs because they are breathing in allergenic substances, particularly while they are sleeping. This is often the result of an allergic or immunological sensitivity to dust. The most effective therapy is often to implement allergen control methods, particularly in the bedroom, including:

  • Choosing new bedding covers
  • Eliminating feathers
  • Keeping pets out of the bedroom
  • Eradicating mold exposure, which is a very common cause of sinusitis

Our patients often find that eliminating these common sinusitis triggers in their sleeping areas can be quite beneficial. We then treat our patients with a special sinusitis treatment regimen that features the following steps:

  • Anti-inflammatory nasal sprays and decongestants
  • A regular nasal wash system that uses steam to clean out their sinuses
  • Inhaled nasal steroids

This particular regimen, in conjunction with strict environmental controls, has proven quite beneficial to people with chronic sinusitis. Often, even those patients who have suffered chronic sinus headaches and sinus symptoms for years tend to notice a remarkable decrease in their symptoms and an improved quality of life.