Managing Your Colon Cancer Risk

How much do you know about colon cancer? When it comes to all matters of health, to limit your risk for certain illnesses and conditions, it’s important to do your homework. The journey to better health begins with you!

Speaking with your family about your risk factors is a great start. If you have a family history (parent, child, brother or sister) of colon cancer or adenomatous polyps, you are at increased risk for the disease. Talking to your doctor is the next and most important step.

But you can (and should) also get information from other trustworthy sources. To help you learn more, below are links to information from Montefiore’s Patient Health Library and recognized colon cancer organizations.

Take a look and talk to your doctor about what you’ve learned.

Colon Cancer Screening


Colonoscopy Video

Virtual Colonoscopy

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colon Cancer: Screening Tests and What the Results Mean

Colorectal Cancer Screening (PDQ®): Screening - Patient Information [NCI]

Stool Tests for Colorectal Cancer

Understanding Screening Results

Colon Polyps

Colon Cancer: Screening Tests and What the Results Mean

Learn About Colon Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Colon Cancer Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]

Colon Cancer Genetic Testing

Colon Cancer: What Raises Your Risk

General Colon Cancer Resources

Colon Cancer Alliance

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

NY State Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation

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