Step 5: New Hire Reminders

No associate is permitted to attend orientation or begin employment without prior clearance from Human Resources (HR). All of the steps noted below are required before new hires begin employment.

Once you have completed all the required paperwork provided, please contact your Human Resources (HR) Assistant to set up an appointment to collect all new-hire documents and ensure all onboarding requirements are met.

  • Social Security Card: An original Social Security Card must be provided to your HR Assistant for payroll purposes prior to beginning employment. Photos and electronic copies will NOT be accepted.
  • Quest Diagnostics: Please be sure you have completed a urine drug screening within the allowable 48-hour timeframe. Instructions and a prescription are sent by your HR Assistant.
  • Sterling: Please complete the electronic Sterling consent form to initiate a background check and verification of education. If you have not received this information, check your spam/junk e-mail folder.
  • Pre-Hire Physical: You should have completed (or are in the process of completing) the pre-hire physical with Occupational Health Services scheduled by your HR Recruiter or HR Assistant.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Training: If OSHA training is required for your position you should have been informed by your HR Recruiter or HR Assistant, who will also schedule this training.
  • Form I-9: You are required to complete Form I-9 on or before your first day of work as evidence of legal work authorization in the United States. Please refer to the list provided to submit proper forms of identification.
  • License and/or Certification: Please provide all original, valid and current documents to your HR Recruiter or HR Assistant if a license and/or certification are required for your position.

If you have questions about any of the steps outlined on this page and have not competed any of the items noted here, please contact your HR Assistant immediately.

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