Immunodiagnostic Lab

The Division of Rheumatology at Montefiore Medical Center offers rheumatology patients early and expert diagnosis through our onsite immunodiagnostic laboratory. We are one of the few hospitals in the nation that offer patients in-house diagnostic tests for rheumatic diseases. The lab also helps patients with autoimmune gastrointestinal diseases, celiac disease, autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, renal disease or Goodpasture's syndrome, hematologic disease, and pernicious anemia. Because our lab is on-site, we offer fast service and customized test results for all patients, ensuring that they get the best care available.

Precise Lab Results Delivered by Exceptional Rheumatologists

Our laboratory is headed by a nationally renowned rheumatologist who brings specialized expertise to the analysis of tests administered in the lab. Under the guidance of Peter Barland, MD, our rheumatologists recommend, administer and analyze test results, and also train fellows in the rheumatology and pathology programs about how to administer and interpret tests. Our precise quality control and dedication set us apart from other rheumatology divisions and allow us to offer outstanding care to all of our patients. The immunodiagnostic laboratory at Montefiore was the first hospital lab in New York City to routinely test for anti-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-RNP and anti-CCP antibodies. Our testing methods are particularly important in the screening and diagnosis of rheumatic disease, as well as measuring the response to therapy.

Because many rheumatic diseases are uncommon, patients benefit from our advanced research of the most advanced diagnostic tests and treatment methods for diseases, such as lupus and vasculitis. Through accurate and early diagnosis and thorough, carefully administered follow-up care, we can maximize patients' response to treatment and greatly improve their health and quality of life.