Radiochemistry Lab

Utilizing radioactivity as a diagnostic tool and means of treatment

Our laboratory approaches each day with a focus on the discovery and translation of innovative theranostics. This new class of molecular agents is used for simultaneous detection and treatment of diseases, enabling us to prescribe medicine with clearly defined precision.

What makes these molecular agents so impactful is that they not only can detect disease with high sensitivity and accuracy but can also precisely deliver payloads, such as drugs and/or radiation, to repair specific damaged tissue or to kill specific cancer cells in the body.

Harnessing the power of radiochemistry to improve patient outcomes

Our research in radiopharmacy, radiochemistry and molecular imaging focuses on cardiovascular, neurological and oncological applications. Our team strives to discover, test and optimize positron emission tomography (PET) and single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) molecular imaging agents and targeted radiotherapeutics for swift clinical translation.

Our research on molecular imaging agents results in immense clinical benefits and improved patient outcomes.

To accomplish our goals, we prioritize projects with the potential to produce a fast and meaningful impact on patient outcomes. Then we work collaboratively with physicians and scientists to design, label, optimize and test innovative radiolabeled molecules, peptides, antibodies, proteins and cells.

Pairing our technicians with the best technology for faster detection and better outcomes

Our state-of-the-art lab is well equipped to perform radiopharmaceutical design and discovery:

  • Microwave synthesizer (Biotage® Initiator+) for reproducible, high-yield radiochemistry
  • Analytical and Semi-Preparative Varian Modular HPLC Systems for drug purification and quality control
  • Packard phosphorimage for autoradiography (PerkinElmer) to image thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and perform autoradiography
  • Dose calibrator with well counter CRC®-25W (Capintec) for precise activity measurements
  • Class II, type A2 biosafety cabinet (LABGARD®) for cell and animal work
  • Isoflurane anesthesia vaporizer mobile station (E-Z Systems) for anesthesia
  • CO2 incubators, refrigerated centrifuge, microcentrifuge, microscopes for general biology and cell culturing
  • WIZARD2 Automatic Gamma Well Counter for sample analysis
  • Freezers, analytical balances, vacuum oven, vacuum pumps and survey meters for general laboratory operations and safety
  • Milli-Q® 18.2 water system for consistent chemistry and biology
  • Lead and acrylic shielding for work with various isotopes (imaging and therapy)
  • Several heaters made for precise temperature control and stirring/shaking
  • A large Ultimaker S5 dual extrusion large-format 3D printer to create novel, automated, robotic-synthesis units and custom-made laboratory equipment, as needed
Innovative technology and the most expert technicians work hand in hand in a cutting-edge radiochemistry lab.

To inquire about our Radiochemistry Lab, contact

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Department of Radiology

1300 Morris Park Avenue
Golding Building, Room 703
Bronx, NY 10461