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Medical Student Education

Montefiore and our Albert Einstein College of Medicine offer a variety of educational opportunities for medical students. All Einstein students undertake a two-week radiology clerkship in the third year—many select Montefiore for this experience.

The Department of Radiology offers a number of elective rotations for fourth-year students who are pursuing more advanced training in a wide variety of subspecialties. Research opportunities are readily available.

Interested in Medical Student Education at Montefiore?

There are many opportunities for medical student research in the Department of Radiology. To learn how you can participate in radiology research, contact Marjorie Stein, MD or Jeffrey Levsky, MD.

For information on more concentrated research in radiology offered through the Einstein summer research program, please send an email to the Office of Medical Student Research or call 718-430-2087.

Medical Student Third-Year Radiology Clerkship and Subinternships

The Radiology Clerkship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a two-week core requirement for all third-year medical students. Our faculty stresses basic interpretation of common studies such as chest radiographs and the most appropriate imaging exam for a given clinical condition. Our students gain exposure to the fundamentals of radiology and obtain additional experience as follows:

  • Rotate in the various subspecialties, including chest/cardiovascular radiology, cross-sectional body imaging, musculoskeletal radiology, ultrasonography, interventional radiology, neuroradiology, mammography, pediatric radiology, emergency radiology and nuclear medicine.
  • Participate in dedicated lectures/case conferences with preceptors as well as attend radiology resident conferences.
  • Observe procedures, such as fluoroscopic studies and percutaneous biopsies, to see firsthand what their patients experience.

Students are provided with a radiology syllabus on the Einstein website, which describes the daily workings of the rotation, clerkship objectives and evaluation criteria. In addition, the syllabus includes guidelines for choosing the appropriate imaging modality. Evaluation and grading are based on attendance and participation, as well as a 10- to 15-minute oral PowerPoint presentation.

Objectives of the Clerkship

Students who participate in the core clerkship will learn will learn the following:

  • Interpret chest X-rays
  • Identify the most appropriate imaging exam for a given clinical condition and, when in doubt, locate evidence-based resources to find this information (American College of Radiology [ACR] Appropriateness Criteria®).
  • Discuss radiation safety and as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) principles.
  • Demonstrate presentation skills for the effective communication of radiologic findings of disease processes.
Advanced Clerkships and Subinternships

We invite you to get details on advanced clerkships and subinternships and research opportunities at Montefiore and to contact our Radiology Clerkship Director with any questions you may have about joining our team.

Marjorie Stein, MD
Director, Radiology Clerkship
Professor, Department of Radiology
Email: marstein@montefiore.org
Telephone: 718-920-6130