Division of Abdominal Imaging

The Division of Abdominal Imaging seeks to provide the highest possible clinical care and advance the field of radiology by participating in cutting-edge, collaborative research. The Division of Abdominal Imaging's board certified radiologists are highly trained, subspecialized and dedicated to executing this mission.

Our team provides patient care, education and research, utilizing innovative diagnostic imaging and therapeutic techniques for benign and malignant diseases. Imaging procedures of the abdomen and pelvis include computed tomography (CT) (including CT colonography), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound (US), and gastroenterology (GI) and genitourinary (GU) fluoroscopy (including hysterosalpingography).

Members of the Division of Abdominal Imaging work closely with various clinical services to optimize individualized care to each patient. We participate in numerous multidisciplinary conferences and discuss specific patient issues with teams of physicians from multiple specialties, including oncology, surgery, hepatology, gastroenterology and pathology. Members of our division are an integral part of transplant and oncologic care.

In addition to standard radiologic examinations, we offer the following specialized services:

  • CT angiography
  • CT colonography
  • CT enterography
  • CT urography
  • CT-guided procedures
  • Advanced 3-D reconstruction
  • Prostate MRI
  • MR enterography
  • MR-based staging of rectal cancer
  • MR assessment of anal canal pathologies
  • MR angiography
  • MR urography
  • MR defecography
Fellowship Information

The Abdominal Imaging Fellowship offers one Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited position each year. Our program provides comprehensive multimodality training in abdominal radiology, which includes the advanced interpretation of CT, MRI and ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis, as well as conventional radiology applicable to the GI and GU systems.

Fellows develop expertise in abdominal imaging through daily, supervised, hands-on experience, as well as didactic lectures, departmental and interdepartmental conferences, teaching and research activities. The program includes education in normal and pathologic anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis, normal physiology of the GI and GU systems, and the pathophysiology of GI and GU diseases.

Recent Publications

LI-RADS 2017: An Update
Kielar AZ; Chernyak V; Bashir MR; Do RK; Fowler KJ; Mitchell DG; Cerny M; Elsayes KM; Santillan C; Kamaya A; Kono Y; Sirlin CB; Tang A.

Practical Guide to Dynamic Pelvic Floor MRI
Kobi M; Flusberg M; Paroder V; Chernyak V.

CT Colonography: Over Two Decades From Discovery to Practice
Pickhardt PJ; Yee J; Johnson CD.

Extracolonic Findings and Radiation at CT Colonography: What the Referring Provider Needs to Know
Yee J; McFarland E.

Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System: Discordance Between Computed Tomography and Gadoxetate-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Major Features
Chernyak V; Flusberg M; Law A; Kobi M; Paroder V; Rozenblit AM.

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Contact Information

Judy Yee, MD, FACR
University Chair and Professor, Radiology
Email: jyee@montefiore.org

Victoria Chernyak, MD, MS
Interim Director, Abdominal Imaging
Professor, Radiology and Urology 
Email: vchernya@montefiore.org
Telephone: 718-920-4396

Dawn Tucker
Administrator, Radiology
Email: dtucker@montefiore.org
Telephone: 718-920-4396