Nephrology - Kidney Disease - New York City - Montefiore Medical Center

The Division of Nephrology at Montefiore Medical Center is committed to minimizing the negative impact of diabetes and kidney disease through early detection. Once a patient has been diagnosed with diabetes or kidney disease, we offer a variety of treatment options. We provide diagnosis confirmation and advice to the primary care physicians of patients in the early stages of the disease. Our team also prepares patients for dialysis and transplantation if the disease progresses.

Specialized, Individual Care

Patients come to us at different stages of kidney disease, so we tailor care to each individual's circumstances. Our team offers the best treatment options at convenient hours. For patients with diabetes, we work closely with their primary care providers to help them maintain optimum health by controlling their blood sugar level. For patients with early stage kidney disease, we work with their primary care providers to moderate their blood pressure with the appropriate medications.

Diet modifications and medication are important tools in fighting kidney disease. In many cases, patients who manage their health well can slow the advancement of kidney disease, and in some cases, stop it from progressing to end-stage kidney disease or kidney failure.

Community-Based Care

Our Division shares its expertise with 25 primary health clinics in the greater New York City area, which are part of Montefiore's integrated healthcare system. We are also expanding access to overall kidney care by developing a new Kidney Disease Clinic.

Because diabetes and high blood pressure runs in families, we continually strive to educate the family members of our patients about their own risks of kidney disease and to provide methods for preventative care.

Caring Support for Difficult Choices

For those patients who experience end-stage renal failure, we anticipate the progression of their disease as much as possible and help them make appropriate decisions about every step of their care. When appropriate, we also administer dialysis. If a transplant is needed, we search for a possible live organ donor from the patient's family or communities. Once the transplant is scheduled, we work closely with the transplant surgery team to prepare the patient for surgery. We also provide comprehensive long-term care to individuals with transplants and those on dialysis. We support our patients and their families throughout the progression of their disease with our exceptional care and commitment to patient education.