Services and Treatments

HIV/AIDS was first discovered more than 30 years ago, but since that time, advancements have been made to prevent the spread of the disease and help patients infected with HIV live longer, more productive lives.

That is the goal behind The HIV/AIDS Center at Montefiore Medical Center. For more than 20 years, we have cared for and treated patients with HIV in the New York City metropolitan area, and surrounding communities.

The Center offers a number of different medical options and support services aimed at helping patients cope with the disease and any other conditions that might result from being infected with HIV.

All services offered at The HIV/AIDS Center are confidential and include:

HIV Primary Medical Care

We provide a comprehensive array of medical services for persons with HIV and other infectious disease problems. Our physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are HIV specialists and recognized as experts in their fields. As a result, we offer the most advanced therapies and diagnostic tests for the evaluation and management of HIV.

HIV Counseling and Testing

HIV testing is available upon request using the most current testing technology, including noninvasive oral tests and rapid tests that provide results in approximately 20 minutes.

Mental Healthcare

Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and clinical social workers who have experience in treating HIV patients, including individuals with substance abuse problems, are available daily. Services include crisis intervention, counseling, psychiatric assessment, medication management, and ongoing individual and couples therapy.

Hepatitis C Services

A nationally recognized, expert on-site program offers a broad range of advanced services to people with HIV and hepatitis C co-infection, including evaluation, treatment, education, support/peer groups, nutritional counseling and mental health and substance abuse services.


A team of dermatologists is available at the Center for assessment and treatment of skin disorders associated with HIV.

Substance Abuse Services

Assessment, short-term counseling and referral are available from a credentialed counselor. Services are delivered with special attention to our patients' privacy and individual needs. Buprenorphine for the management of opiate addiction is also available.

Women's Health

Our team of expert gynecologists provides care to women that include routine services such as breast examinations and Pap smears, as well as specialized diagnostic procedures. We also provide expert prenatal and obstetrics care specifically geared toward women with HIV.

Men's Health

Our experienced providers deliver high quality care that address men’s health issues such as low testosterone, prostate exams, cancer screenings as well as expert HIV care.

LGBT Health

All of our staff is trained in caring for the unique needs of the LGBT community, including sexual health maintenance and screening for anal cancer. The provision of hormonal therapies for the trans HIV positive community is available. Our social workers are knowledgeable about assisting clients with the legalization of their sexual identities. 

Nutritional Services

Registered dietitians provide patients with an individualized assessment of their nutritional needs and ongoing counseling and monitoring to ensure optimum health.

Social Work Case Management

A team of social work case managers is available for patients in need of services such as insurance, housing and financial assistance, as well as psychological support.

Group Programs

Specialized groups, including peer support groups, meet regularly to offer support and education.

Specialized Nursing

Our specially trained nurses facilitate a caring environment by assessing patient needs, providing education and coordinating care.

Adherence Services

Our services include individualized assessment and planning for medication management as well as adherence to health services.

On-Site Specialty Pharmacy

Conveniently located within the Center, the Specialty Pharmacy provides quick and confidential prescription-filling services. Our pharmacists have extensive training in the newest treatment plans and medications available for HIV.

Medication management, information and counseling are offered in both Spanish and English. Home delivery is available.

Food Pantry

A fully stocked food pantry is available to patients in need of assistance.