General Practice Residency Program

The experience of being a General Practice Resident is invaluable. It is, however, very demanding, both physically and psychologically. It offers an opportunity for total immersion into the life of a hospital, managing patients whose oral health is part of their total health. It serves to interrelate your activities with colleagues in Dentistry, Medicine and other allied health practitioners.

The Department of Dentistry of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center general practice residency education and training, which is situated in the hospital and includes outpatient and inpatient care. Thirty-six first-year positions are available. Second year/chief resident positions are also generally available. General practice residents function as associates of the attendings and provide appropriate care to their assigned patients. Case planning guidance and technical assistance help the resident grow in experience and confidence.

Our facilities afford an excellent opportunity to learn and practice all phases of dentistry under the direction of highly accomplished practitioners.

Salary & Benefits

The approximate salary for a PGY1 in either track is $48,750 per annum (Academic Year 2007/2008), plus various fringe benefits. There will be tuition of $5,000.00 per year. Twenty days of paid vacation time is included. Subsidized housing is available on a limited basis.


The General Practice Residency program participates in the PASS Program for Resident Application. Applicants should follow the procedures prescribed by the PASS Board.

The PASS Application should specify WEST Campus- 608. Interviews are scheduled by the Program Director. THIS PROGRAM PARTICIPATES IN THE NATIONAL MATCHING SERVICE. The Program Match Number is 9785. It is the applicant's responsibility to register for the Match.

The Educational Program

The focus of this residency is to train "Super" General Dentists to provide comprehensive care to all patients. This program includes the entire spectrum of dentistry, oral surgery, fixed and removable prosthetics, and interceptive orthodontics with fixed and removable appliances, pedodontics, periodontics and endodontics. The patient population includes the medically compromised and special patients, in addition to community residents who utilize the hospital for their health services.

In addition to first hand completion of the installation of implants as part of the educational process, off service rotations include:

  • an assignment in the Department of Anesthesiology;
  • a rotation in the emergency room to train residents in the evaluation of patients with medical emergencies;
  • a rotation in Medicine to gain knowledge in diabetes and otehr diseases which affect oral health;
  • and a community-based public health dentistry experience.

The GPR is responsible for maxillofacial trauma four months each year. The resident learns first hand how to assess and treat dental and facial trauma and emergencies. Comprehensive dental care is not provided at night. The Emergency Room on-call schedule averages once every 12th night. Residents are required to stay on site when they are on-call. Overnight accommodations are available.

Daily scheduled lecture and seminar sessions begin at 8:00 am. Teaching sessions includes exposure to all disciplines. Additional opportunities exist to provide individualized educational experience.

Lecture and seminars are held each day, before and/or after regular clinic hours. A monthly, unified Department meeting is held with all residents and attending staff members on a Thursday evening.

Internal rotations comprise 6 months of general and pediatric dentistry, including a 6-week assignment to oral surgery, as well as off-service rotations to Anesthesiology (4 weeks). There is a 40-hour rotation to the ER at Moses at which the GPR functions as a member of the primary care medical team.

Each general practice resident is responsible for covering emergencies from the hospital. The oral and maxillofacial surgeons and pediatric dentistry residents provide back-up, advice and assistance when needed. The on-call schedule requires you to be physically present in the hospital 5 nights per month.