Bronx Collective Action to Transform Community Health (CATCH) Program

Montefiore is intent upon improving the health of the communities we serve. To meet this goal, we partner with a wide range of institutions, governmental agencies, and community-based groups and our own experts throughout the organization. Through these efforts, we: 

  • Identify community health needs.
  • Share information about community health services
  • Promote collaborative interventions to address issues that impact the health of our community. 

Our collaboration with Albert Einstein College of Medicine allows us to move to the next level by developing effective and ongoing ways to measure the impact of our activities.

The local resources offered below are just a small part from this effort. 

We encourage you to find out more about us, Montefiore as an organization and our work in the wider community. Then, let us know about your interests, involvement and expectations for community health. We want you involved in this process.

Local, Community-Based Health Resources