Services and Treatments

Asthma Center patients receive coordinated consultation from both allergy and pulmonary specialists. This team-centered approach allows for comprehensive assessment of symptoms and possible medications.

We test for asthma using:

  • Advanced testing, including cardiopulmonary exercise testing to check for exercise-induced asthma.
  • Inhalation challenge testing for diagnostic evaluation of complex asthma.
  • Sophisticated allergy/immunology testing, including full-panel skin testing and tests for a variety of inhaled and/or food allergens.
  • Fiberoptic examination for direct exam of upper and lower airway problems.

Our Treatment Approach

We provide distinctive, multistep treatment method that includes information on implementing small changes that can considerably improve health. We can, for instance, show you how allergen proofing your home can bring about significant health improvements, and how to avoid external triggers that can bring about an asthma attack. 

We also provide our patients with the newest and most effective asthma medications available. Our physicians educate each patient on how to take medications and the possible side effects, and monitor patients for side effects during follow-up care.