TransWellness Centers at Montefiore

Care to help you thrive at every stage of your journey

TransWellness Centers at Montefiore (TC@M) take a holistic approach to providing transgender and nonbinary (TGNB) care. We provide access to a full suite of affirming care for the TGNB community, and offer multiple locations for care as well as telemedicine options.

For nearly three decades, Montefiore has provided gender-affirming care to those who have a conflict between the gender they were assigned at birth and the gender with which they identify. The needs of each patient are unique. This is why we put communication and understanding first. Our team of specialists come from many disciplines that focus on providing the highest levels of gender-affirming care at every step of a patient’s experience.


Our Mission

To partner with the community of gender diverse individuals to affirm their health, wellness and personal authenticity.


Our Vision

To achieve health equity through comprehensive care and advocacy in collaborative partnership with the TGNB Community in the Bronx and beyond.


Our primary care physicians are experts at providing gender-affirming care, serving the community from multiple clinical sites across the Bronx. Care is tailored to fit each patient’s needs.

Our range of care services includes:

Our Approach

We’ve taken a system-wide approach to ensure a fully inclusive health system for TGNB patients.

  • Improved electronic medical records for gender affirmation of patients.
  • Improved access to mental health services, social work and staff education.
  • Training for new associates to ensure all patients receive consistent care.

Our Team

Every member of the TC@M team is committed to providing personalized coordinated care in a safe and compassionate environment. We are active in the community to maintain our patient-centered approach.

Dr. Robert Beil’s role as pro bono Medical Director at Destination Tomorrow, the Bronx LGBT Center, is just one example of how we stay connected to the community.

Community Advisory Group

We have also created a Community Advisory Group to ensure community voices are being heard. This allows us to integrate guidance from the community in our approach to care. If you are interested in joining the Montefiore Community Advisory Group, reach out and let us know at


We participate in several contracted insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid. For those without health insurance, our Financial Aid Office is available to provide assistance and resources.

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