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Vascular and Interventional Radiology Publications

Catheter Directed Interventions for Inferior Vena Cava Thrombosis
Golowa Y; Warhit M; Matsunaga F; Cynamon J.

Gastric Ischemia as a Result of an Iatrogenic Arterioportal Fistula: A Perfect Storm
Jeyakumar A; Herman O; Bellemare S; Kinkhabwala M; Cynamon J; Golowa Y.

Transfemoral Transcaval Core-Needle Liver Biopsy: An Alternative to Transjugular Liver Biopsy
Cynamon J; Shabrang C; Golowa Y; Daftari A; Herman O; Jagust M.

A Prospective, Single-Arm, Multicenter Trial of Ultrasound-Facilitated, Catheter-Directed, Low-Dose Fibrinolysis for Acute Massive and Submassive Pulmonary Embolism: The SEATTLE II Study
Piazza G1; Hohlfelder B; Jaff MR; Ouriel K; Engelhardt TC; Sterling KM; Jones NJ; Gurley JC; Bhatheja R; Kennedy RJ; Goswami N; Natarajan K; Rundback J; Sadiq IR; Liu SK; Bhalla N; Raja ML; Weinstock BS; Cynamon J; Elmasri FF; Garcia MJ; Kumar M; Ayerdi J; Soukas P; Kuo W; Liu PY; Goldhaber SZ.

Giant Mycotic Pulmonary Artery Pseudoaneurysm Treated by Guide Wire and Coil Embolization
Trambert JJ; Abubaker SJ; Kanner BJ.

Image-Guided Drainage Versus Antibiotic-Only Treatment of Pelvic Abscesses: Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes
To J; Aldape D; Frost A; Goldberg GL; Levie M; Chudnoff S.

Retained Fibrin Sheaths: Chest Computed Tomography Findings and Clinical Associations
Krausz DJ; Fisher JS; Rosen G; Haramati LB; Jain VR; Burton WB; Godelman A; Levsky JM; Taragin BH; Cynamon J; Aviram G.

Early Endovascular Grafts at Montefiore Hospital and Their Effect on Vascular Surgery
Veith, FJ; Cynamon J; Schonholz CJ; Parodi JC.

Image-Guided Percutaneous Ablation of Lung Malignancies: A Minimally Invasive Alternative for Nonsurgical Patients or Unresectable Tumors
Chamarthy MR; Gupta M; Hughes TW; Velasco NB; Cynamon J; Golowa Y.