Neuroradiology Publications

Making Feedback Easy: A Workflow-Integrated Quality Improvement Tool Increases Radiologist Engagement in the Technical Quality of Imaging Examinations
Goldberg-Stein S; Kaplun O; Scheinfeld MH; Burns J; Miller T; Erdfarb A.

Artificial Intelligence and Radiology: Have Rumors of the Radiologist's Demise Been Greatly Exaggerated?
Nawrocki T; Maldjian P; Slasky S; Contractor S.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and Department of Defense Sport-Related Concussion Common Data Elements Version 1.0 Recommendations
Broglio SP; Kontos AP; Levin H; Schneider K; Wilde EA; Cantu RC; Feddermann-Demont N; Fuller GW; Gagnon I; Gioia GA; Giza C; Griesbach GS; Leddy JJ; Lipton ML; Mayer AR; McAllister TW; McCrea M; McKenzie LB; Putukian M; Signoretti S; Suskauer SJ; Tamburro R; Turner M; Yeates KO; Zemek R; Ala'i S; Esterlitz J; Gay K; Bellgowan PSF; Joseph K.

MR Implant: Rapid Evidence-Based Determination of Implant Safety Status
Fay JS; Milch HS; Gutman D; Law AS; Mardakhaev E; Saraiya MS; Lipton ML.

A Man With a Midline Lesion Within the Oral Tongue
Levitt A; Bello J; Shifteh K.

ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Orbits Vision and Visual Loss
Kennedy TA; Corey AS; Policeni B; Agarwal V; Burns J; Harvey HB; Hoang J; Hunt CH; Juliano AF; Mack W; Moonis G; Murad GJA; Pannell JS; Parsons MS; Powers WJ; Schroeder JW; Setzen G; Whitehead MT; Bykowski J.

Early Caffeine and Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation in Preterm Infants: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Amaro CM; Bello JA; Jain D; Ramnath A; D'Ugard C; Vanbuskirk S; Bancalari E; Claure N.

Heading Frequency Is More Strongly Related to Cognitive Performance Than Unintentional Head Impacts in Amateur Soccer Players
Stewart WF; Kim N; Ifrah C; Sliwinski M; Zimmerman ME; Kim M; Lipton RB; Lipton ML.

Validation of HeadCount-2w for Estimation of Two-Week Heading: Comparison to Daily Reporting in Adult Amateur Player
Lipton ML; Ifrah C; Stewart WF; Fleysher R; Sliwinski MJ; Kim M; Lipton RB.

White Matter Structural Integrity and Transcranial Doppler Blood Flow Pulsatility in Normal Aging
Fleysher R; Lipton ML; Noskin O; Rundek T; Lipton R; Derby CA.

Imaging Spectrum of Immunomodulating, Chemotherapeutic and Radiation Therapy-Related Intracranial Effects
Lincoln CM; Fata P; Sotardi S; Pohlen M; Uribe T; Bello JA.

Recent and Long-Term Soccer Heading Exposure Is Differentially Associated with Neuropsychological Function in Amateur Players
Levitch CF; Zimmerman ME; Lubin N; Kim N; Lipton RB; Stewart WF; Kim M; Lipton ML.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Ventricle Volume Quantification in Patients with Chronic Shunt-Treated Hydrocephalus: A Matched Case-Control Study
Tan K; Meiri A; Mowrey WB; Abbott R; Goodrich JT; Sandler AL; Suri AK; Lipton ML; Wagshul ME.

Venous Sinus Thrombosis in Blunt Trauma: Incidence and Risk Factors
Slasky SE; Rivaud Y; Suberlak M; Tairu O; Fox AD; Ohman-Strickland P; Bilinisky E.

ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Cranial Neuropathy
Policeni B; Corey AS; Burns J; Conley DB; Crowley RW; Harvey HB; Hoang J; Hunt CH; Jagadeesan BD; Juliano AF; Kennedy TA; Moonis G; Pannell JS; Patel ND; Perlmutter JS; Rosenow JM; Schroeder JW; Whitehead MT; Cornelius RS.

The Association of Visual Memory with Hippocampal Volume
Zammit AR; Ezzati A; Katz MJ; Zimmerman ME; Lipton ML; Sliwinski MJ; Lipton RB.

Comparison of the Prevalence of Ruptured and Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms in a Poor Urban Minority Population
Miller TS; Altschul D; Baxi N; Farinhas J; Pasquale D; Burns J; Gordon D; Bello J; Brook A; Flamm E.

Imaging Scales and Techniques Used in the 2015 Endovascular Stroke Trials and AHA/ASA Revised Guidelines for Acute Intervention: Neurologic/Head and Neck Imaging
Scheinfeld MH; Krieger DA; Bhupali D; Zampolin RL; Erdfarb AJ.

Characterization of Neck Strength in Healthy Young Adults
Catenaccio E; Mu W; Kaplan A; Fleysher R; Kim N; Bachrach T; Zughaft Sears M; Jaspan O; Caccese J; Kim M; Wagshul M; Stewart W; Lipton R; Lipton M.

Preoperative 18F-FDG-PET/CT vs Contrast-Enhanced CT to Identify Regional Nodal Metastasis among Patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Cho JK; Ow TJ; Lee AY; Smith RV; Schlecht NF; Schiff BA; Tassler AB; Lin J; Moadel RM; Valdivia A; Abraham T; Gulko E; Neimark M; Ustun B; Bello JA; Shifteh K.

Cervical Cord Myelin Water Imaging Shows Degenerative Changes Over One Year in Multiple Sclerosis But Not Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder
Combes AJE; Matthews L; Lee JS; Li DKB; Carruthers R; Traboulsee AL; Barker GJ; Palace J; Kolind S.

Radiology-Pathology Conference: Reviving the Art of Oral Case Presentation in Residency
Sotardi S; Scheinfeld MH; Burns J; Koenigsberg M; Mantilla JG; Goldberg-Stein S.

Radiation Dose and Procedure Time for 994 CT-Guided Spine Pain Control Procedures
Lazarus MS; Forman RB; Brook AL; Miller TS.

ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Cerebrovascular Disease
Salmela MB; Mortazavi S; Jagadeesan BD; Broderick DF; Burns J; Deshmukh TK; Harvey HB; Hoang J; Hunt CH; Kennedy TA; Khalessi AA; Mack W; Patel ND; Perlmutter JS; Policeni B; Schroeder JW; Setzen G; Whitehead MT; Cornelius RS; Corey AS.

The Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome on the Dentate Gyrus and Learning and Memory in Children
Cha J; Zea-Hernandez JA; Sin S; Graw-Panzer K; Shifteh K; Isasi CR; Wagshul ME; Moran EE; Posner J; Zimmerman ME; Arens R.

Symptoms from Repeated Intentional and Unintentional Head Impact in Soccer Players
Stewart WF; Kim N; Ifrah CS; Lipton RB; Bachrach TA; Zimmerman ME; Kim M; Lipton ML.