Emergency Imaging Publications


Causes of Pneumocephalus and When to Be Concerned About It
Cunqueiro A; Scheinfeld MH.

Imaging Scales and Techniques Used in the 2015 Endovascular Stroke Trials and AHA/ASA Revised Guidelines for Acute Intervention: Neurologic/Head and Neck Imaging
Scheinfeld MH; Krieger DA; Bhupali D; Zampolin RL; Erdfarb AJ.

Cerebral Developmental Venous Anomaly-Does It Prevent Stroke in Acute Sinus Thrombosis?
Goenka A; Gomes W; Beal JC.

MRI Usage in a Pediatric Emergency Department: An Analysis of Usage and Usage Trends Over 5 Years
Scheinfeld MH; Moon JY; Fagan MJ; Davoudzadeh R; Wang D; Taragin BH.

A Radiologist's Guide to the Clinical Scales Used in the 2015 Endovascular Stroke Trials and the Revised American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Guidelines for Endovascular Stroke Treatment
Scheinfeld MH; Erdfarb AJ; Krieger DA; Bhupali D; Zampolin RL.

Significance of Post-Traumatic Maxillary Sinus Fluid, or Lack of Fluid, in a Level II Trauma Population
Friedman A; Burns J; Scheinfeld MH.

Abdominal and Musculoskeletal Imaging

Acetabular Fractures: What Radiologists Should Know and How 3D CT Can Aid Classification
Scheinfeld MH; Dym AA; Spektor M; Avery LL; Dym RJ; Amanatullah DF.

Cardiothoracic Imaging

Patent Foramen Ovale in Patients With Pulmonary Embolism: A Prognostic Factor on CT Pulmonary Angiography?
Zhang M; Tan S; Patel V; Zalta BA; Shmukler A; Levsky JM; Jain VR; Shaban NM; Haramati LB.

High Attenuation Pericardial Fluid on CT Following Cardiac Catheterization
Avery L; Jain V; Cohen H; Scheinfeld M.

Workflow and Quality Assurance/Improvement

Making Feedback Easy: A Workflow-Integrated Quality Improvement Tool Increases Radiologist Engagement in the Technical Quality of Imaging Examinations
Goldberg-Stein S; Kaplun O; Scheinfeld MH; Burns J; Miller T; Erdfarb A.

Emergency Department Imaging: Are Weather and Calendar Factors Associated With Imaging Volume?
Burns K; Chernyak V; Scheinfeld MH.

The Impact of On-Site Attending Radiologist Overnight Coverage on Radiology Resident Learning: A Preliminary Assessment
Berko NS; Levin TL; Scheinfeld MH.