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Connie Delehanty finds working at Montefiore just as rewarding the second time around. She retired in 2003 after 30 years of valued service. In 2005, she returned in search of historical images from the archives for an art project in IT department, where she once worked. The archives needed a makeover, which played to her strengths. “I’m a neatnik, a compulsive person about organizing things,” she says.

Having restored order to the thousands of photos that help document the rich history of Montefiore, she agreed in 2006 to stay on as a volunteer in the Harry M. Zimmerman, MD Archives. “I find the history interesting, and it’s nice to be able to help people,” says Mrs. Delehanty, the go-to person for specific historical information on a department, event, or individual.

She once heard from a man in Arizona after a house fire destroyed all the photos and documents about his grandfather’s career, a former physician at Montefiore. “I found photographs, reprints, and book excerpts and sent them all to the family,” she says. “They were so grateful.”

Mrs. Delehanty, who met her husband of 38 years when they both worked at Montefiore, enjoys creating exhibits that inform the public about the 135-year history of the hospital. That history includes development of the first pacemaker, establishment of the nation’s first department of social medicine, and the largest school-based health program in the country.

That’s only a partial list of milestones. Mrs. Delehanty knows many more. “I feel a certain pride about all the successes Montefiore has achieved,” she says. “And I’m grateful to help tell those stories.”

By giving today, you power a better tomorrow.

Montefiore’s commitment to benefit humanity extends across every dimension of our comprehensive service offering—from excellence in clinical care to community-based health initiatives to innovative models of education. Your contribution to Montefiore plays an essential role in helping us serve our community and foster the thousands of human connections that students, faculty, and staff members like Mrs. Delehanty make with patients and caregivers each day.

Mrs. Delehanty's story is one of people powering people.
Who has powered you?

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