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Fellowship Experience
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Administrative Fellowship

Fellowship Experience

Current Fellow

Adam Davis - Baruch College

Previous Fellows

Rachel Goldberg - University of Florida  

Meredith Kydd-Hindelang - Hofstra University

J. Chris Follmer - Tulane University

Shaun Grubert - Vanderbilt University

Roba Ghanayem - University of North Carolina

Lili Beit - Harvard University

Aurora Trahan - Tulane University

Darryl Hull - Yale University

Projects by Previous Fellows include:

  • Creation of a revenue cycle dashboard
  • Specialty Clinic Planning and Implementation
  • Gastroenterology Business Planning
  • Restructuring/revamping the department’s credentialing process
  • Reimbursement analysis/planning
  • Internet Webpage Redesign
  • Service Line Financial Analysis
  • Creation of patient navigator position
  • Income Forecasting for Budget
  • Prospective analysis of Pre-authorization process
  • Utilization review of UV light therapy
  • Encounter Form Redesign
  • New practice site design and implementation
  • Designing educational programs for support staff
  • Customer service initiative