Professional Development for Long Term Care Workers

Montefiore offers a total of 20 hours of high-quality training by Registered Nurses for Long Term Care Workers in various comprehensive courses. Centered around our Professional Development Series for the Long Term Care Workforce, Montefiore WIO offers training on key topics that improve patient care and are mapped to the value based payment measures that are critical to the success of our partner care providers.

Our program provides you with the maximum training flexibility.

  • We can conduct training at your location
  • You can decide how many of the courses to offer at a time
  • We offer full- or half-day training or evening sessions, 7 days a week
  • You can choose the e-Learning or virtual option for your workers or a combination of in-person sessions and e-Learning modules
  • We offer a Train-the-Trainer model, certifying home care agency nurse trainers to deliver the Montefiore WIO curriculum
  • You can choose to have the training provided in a language appropriate your workforce, with training currently available in English and Spanish

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our training by measuring trainee:

  • knowledge of course content before and after training each course
  • satisfaction with each course
  • feedback on specific changes they will make in their practice as a result of each course