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Ed's Story

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Ninety-year-old Ed Tobachnik was not willing to give up those long walks with his wife without a fight. But the severe arthritis in his hip was causing so much pain that Ed's active lifestyle was becoming almost impossible to maintain.

Ed saw multiple surgeons in Manhattan and was told he was too old for joint replacement surgery. He was turned away. But Dr. Neil J. Cobelli of Montefiore's Adult Reconstructive/Joint Replacement Surgery department reviewed Ed's case, saw his special determination, and knew he was an excellent candidate for successful hip replacement surgery. Dr. Cobelli performed Ed's surgery, which was followed up by a rigorous course of post-op physical therapy designed by the orthopaedic experts at Montefiore.

Today Ed is thrilled with his new total hip replacement. He is back to his normal active life—including long walks with his wife of 65 years.

Ed is one more example of why The American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP®) recognizes Montefiore as achieving exemplary surgical patient care and outcome.

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Neil Cobelli

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