Debra Hanton | The Fight of Her Life

Debra's Story

For Debra Hanton, 51, the pain in her belly had finally become more than she could bear. Hanton, a busy wife and working mother of three, was accustomed to taking care of others—but the tables were about to turn. The primary source of her pain was kidney stones, which Debra had removed. However, doctors also discovered a large mass in her pancreas; she was referred to the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care.

Treatment for what was determined to be a Stage III pancreatic cancer involved a dedicated team of specialists. Led by surgical oncologist, Dr. Peter Shamamian, the team included medical oncologist Dr. Santiago Aparo and radiation oncologist Dr. Maury Rosenstein working with a gastroenterologist, pathologist and several other professionals. Collaboration was the norm. Doctors and other specialists met weekly for team meetings to share ideas across specialties, determine the best course of action from multiple perspectives and make decisions based on the latest innovations.

Today, Debra is cancer-free. She's recovering, getting ready to return to work and living the life she loves. Her regular follow-up care involves making a single stop to see multiple doctors at the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care, where each knows what others have seen, done and recommended.

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