Superior Patient Outcomes


Montefiore Nursing Quality Management

We are entering a new era of accountability in medicine; all healthcare providers are increasingly defined by the results of the patient care they deliver.  

To ensure that Montefiore’s non-negotiable standards translate into the highest caliber of performance, Nursing Quality Management implements our philosophy, mission and goals with a customer-focused, interdisciplinary, data-driven, outcome-oriented and proactive program.


Performance Evaluations and Nursing Peer Review

Continuous performance evaluations rely on the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) model, under which nurses objectively and systematically monitor and assess the quality and appropriateness of the care they provide. Nursing Peer Review, one formal component of Montefiore’s nursing quality improvement strategy, reviews the relationship between patient outcomes, delivery of care, and established medical center and national standards.

As part of this process, nursing peers review nursing practices, make recommendations and develop patient outcome improvement strategies in a collegial, nonpunitive forum.


Quality Management

Nursing Quality Management is consistent with the philosophy, mission and goals of Montefiore. Our program is customer-focused, interdisciplinary, data driven, outcome oriented and proactive.