Our Practice

Our Philosophy

The Department of Nursing at Montefiore-Einstein is dedicated to the health of our patients, their families and the community. Our nurses embody a strong commitment to compassionate, patient-centered care focused on promoting, protecting and restoring the health of our patients. Nurses are essential members of our interdisciplinary patient care team, recognized for their unique practice and skills.

Our Nursing practice is integrated within the mission, vision and values of Montefiore and the University Hospital at Albert Einstein Medical College. Together we’ve created an innovative environment through research and inquiry across the entire spectrum of clinical services. Nursing-sensitive patient outcomes are trended internally and benchmarked nationally.

We believe exemplary practice is achieved through continuous learning and professional development, through ongoing assessments and peer evaluation. Montefiore-Einstein nurses contribute to the advancement of the nursing discipline through participation in nursing organizations, dissemination of new nursing knowledge and evidence, and a lively spirit of inquiry.