JUNE 17, 2019 THROUGH JULY 5, 2019

The Montefiore President’s Award was created in 1981 to recognize associates who consistently do more to embody our values of teamwork, humanity, diversity, innovation and equity. The award is given annually to those who demonstrate the utmost dedication to our highest standard of excellence while creating the best possible experience for patients and colleagues. It is the highest honor bestowed upon Montefiore associates.

Any associate can nominate another who meets the criteria for eligibility:

  1. Has been employed at Montefiore for at least 5 years.
  2. Weaves our values of humanity, innovation, teamwork, diversity and equity into the everyday work, providing an excellent experience to patients, visitors, families, co-workers and others.
  3. Consistently drives progress toward our strategic and organizational goals, positioning us to move forward in a changing healthcare landscape.
  4. Actively assesses how we do things, suggests improvements in processes, maximizes value and minimizes waste; contributes to modification of current programs and development of new ones.
  5. Exemplifies the Montefiore Excellence Standards of Behavior: respect, effective communication, sensitivity, professionalism, exceeding expectations, courtesy and teamwork.

Plan to include the following in your nomination:

  • How the nominee meets each of the criteria for eligibility listed above.
  • Share a situation or example of when the nominee went above and beyond their work duties.
  • Describe how your nominee makes a significant positive impact on the patient or associate experience.

A complete nomination must include powerful statements from:

  • Direct Manager/Supervisor
  • Two or more written statements by leaders, peers, and/or colleagues