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Montefiore in the News

October 3, 2016

            Partnership Strengthens Efforts to Fight Flu with Flu Clinics Throughout the Bronx

NEW YORK, September 30, 2016 - More than 2,000 Bronx residents were admitted to Montefiore with the flu last year. Thousands missed school, work and important events because of something preventable: the flu.  This year, Montefiore is expanding its collaboration with Walgreens and Duane Reade, mobilizing local health data, and enlisting community based organizations and to make the best tool against flu, the vaccine, more accessible than ever. The main message behind this year’s push is that when you protect yourself, you also protect your family and your community.  

“If everyone in the community gets the flu shot, we not only protect ourselves, we also protect vulnerable people like infants and the very sick and elderly, who can’t receive the vaccine.  For these populations, the flu can cause serious complications, including pneumonia and even death,” said Amanda Parsons, M.D., M.B.A., vice president of Community & Population Health, Montefiore Health System. “We are excited to build on a great partnership with Walgreens and Duane Reade, and community based organizations to make sure that Bronx residents have easy access to flu vaccinations. It’s the safest, most effective way to prevent getting the flu.”

In 2015, Montefiore hosted ten flu clinics. This year, that number has more than doubled to 22. Walgreens and Duane Reade pharmacists will give flu shots at no cost to the uninsured and underinsured.  Flu clinics are scheduled in neighborhoods that have higher rates of emergency room visits, with the goal of vaccinating more than 500 residents this season.

Several clinics will be accompanied by educational workshops where Montefiore community health nurse educators will discuss flu prevention methods and answer questions.

“I never thought I needed the flu vaccine,” said Geraldine O’Connell R.N., nurse educator, Montefiore Health System, who started getting the vaccine after her husband was bedridden for a week with the flu.  “I wish someone told me years ago that you can transmit the flu even when you are feeling well, or that the flu vaccine will not actually give you the flu.” O’Connell now educates hundreds of Bronx residents about the vaccine every year.

Montefiore’s Top Tips to Combat Flu include:

  • Anyone spending time with vulnerable individuals such as infants, people who are immune-compromised and people with chronic health conditions like asthmacongestive heart failure and diabetes should get a flu shot.  
  • It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies that provide protection against the flu

to develop in the body.

  • 20 to 30 percent of people carrying the influenza virus have no symptoms, so you can actually spread the flu without experiencing symptoms! 
  • If you get the flu, it is important to stay home until you are fever free for at least 24 hours.
  • If you are caring for a vulnerable person and you or they are experiencing flu symptoms, call your primary care doctor immediately to see if antiviral medication is right for you.
  • If you or someone in your family is experiencing warning signs like difficulty breathing, bluish skin color, dehydration, lethargy, dizziness, confusion or severe and persistent vomiting, please seek care immediately.

To find a Walgreens and Duane Reade flu clinic near you, or to meet with a nurse educator in-person, please refer to schedule below or call: (347) 418-4740.

  • Tuesday, October 4, 1pm-3pm at RAIN Boston Road, 2424 Boston Road, Bronx, New York 10467
  • Wednesday, October 5, 10am-12pm at RAIN Boston Secor, 3540 Bivona Street, Bronx, New York 10467
  • Thursday, October 6, 10am-1pm at Vladeck Hall, 74 Van Cortlandt Avenue South Bronx, New York,  10471
  • Sunday, October 9, 11:30am-1:30pm at Harvest Fields Community Church, 2626 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York 10461
  • Tuesday, October 11, 10am-12pm at JASA Bay Eden 1150 229th Street, Bronx, New York 10466
  • Tuesday, October 11, 12pm-3pm at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 3911 Barnes Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10469
  • Wednesday, October 12, 10:30am-1pm at RAIN Eastchester, 1446 Burke Avenue, Bronx, New York 10469
  • Saturday October 15, 2pm -5pm at Aisling Irish Community Center, 990 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, New York 10704
  • Thursday, October 27, 10am -1pm at Riverdale YMCA, 5625 Arlington Avenue, Bronx New York 10471
  • Sunday, November 20, 11:30am-1:30pm at Holy Rosary Church, 1510 Adee Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10469