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October 9, 2020

President Trump's coronavirus diagnosis has added layers of confusion, mistrust, and risk to his leadership during this pandemic. However, his administration is not the first to have to contend with issues related to a presidential illness. David Priess, chief operating officer at the Lawfare Institute and a former CIA intelligence officer, joins us to discuss this history, which he wrote about in a recent article for the Washington Post.

Dr. Priya Nori, an associate professor of Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, joins us to talk about flu season in the time of COVID, and gives an update on COVID prevention.

A new Zoom play examines trauma, complicity, and privilege through the story of one women and her famous husband. Playwright and actor Tracy Thorne joins us to discuss the monologue play "Jack Was Kind."

The 43rd Asian American International Film Festival ends this Sunday. Festival director Kayla Wong joins us to discuss this year's online-only festival.

The new film “Once Upon A River” tells the story of Margo Crane, an indigenous teenager in rural Michigan in 1977, who embarks on a quest across the rural landscape to find her estranged mother. Director Haroula Rose and lead actor Kenadi DelaCerna join us to discuss.

Jennifer Sendrow, executive producer of The Greene Space, and Rebecca Nagle, member of the Cherokee Nation and host of the podcast This Land, join us to discuss a series of conversations billed as “First Peoples Week,” indigenous poets, artists, scholars, doctors and activists talk about everything from the Lenape roots of Manhattan, to imagining what a post-colonial America could look like, and why it’s important for us to get there.