Combating COVID-19

Donor Spotlight

“At the hospital, they had a bell for patients to ring after their last treatment. It was such a big moment for my family to see my mom ring it. Right then, I knew I wanted to spread that feeling of accomplishment to patients around the world, so I founded Project Bell."

- Isabella Spar
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Our generous donor community helps support and drive the medical and scientific excellence that define Montefiore and Einstein. Learn about some of the inspiring initiatives our friends have launched and programs they have elevated thanks to their foresight and kindness.

“Our privilege is to help the hospital and to help the community. We are honored to have the opportunity to do both through this gift to Project BRAVO.”

- Dr. Evan Garfein
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“Reading about Montefiore’s healthcare workers and the true resilience, bravery, and relentless desire to heal has been so moving and inspiring to me. These healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line every day and truly healing with love. That spirit inspired me to start Tie Dye For Good and keeps me motivated to continue.”

- Stella Gray
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"Our organization's driving mission is to 'advance knowledge in the life sciences by sponsoring research that will benefit mankind.' Never has that mission been so urgent than during this global pandemic."

- Richard Handelman, The G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Charitable Foundation
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"Living with a family of doctors, I've seen first-hand the impact COVID-19 has had on healthcare workers. So many of my friends and colleagues are at home like I am and looking for a way to give back but are unsure how. I knew this virtual run would be the perfect way to get people outdoors and raise money for an important cause: supporting those on the frontlines who help our community every single day."

- Devi Kinkhabwala
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"The impact that COVID-19 is having on the healthcare community in New York is profound, and we couldn’t just sit back and hear about it. We decided to activate Schuyoga for a Cause to support the Montefiore community while also helping people stay physically active and connected while they are at home."

- Alex Schueler
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